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Brake System Overhauls

MEGORI s.r.l. specialises in overhauling brake systems intended for road, rail and energy transport.

Since September 2006, MEGORI s.r.l. has been launching a complete programme of regenerated brake calipers with the same quality characteristics as new components.
Overhauled products were already a near future reality more than fifteen years ago. MEGORI s.r.l. diversified its production and started to run towards that goal by recovering and studying brake calipers for industrial vehicles.

Thanks to its nature as a manufacturer of gaskets and technical rubber items, it can customise and modify certain components of its processing cycles, making the product unique.

About 15 years later, OEMs and local regenerators are modifying their products according to our ideas because they are aware that MEGORI s.r.l. has added value to its aggregates and the market.

Proud to be considered a reference point by the OEMs and local regenerators, we will continue to do our job, applying our best effort and imagination, paying attention to all the technical aspects that create quality.


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